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Education Course Assistants

This year, STLE student members who have pre-registered for the Annual Meeting have the unique opportunity to attend a free education course (a $295 value!) while serving as a Course Assistant.  Sign up for the course you’d like to assist as soon as possible. Limited to one student per course, one course per student.  Online registration opened the beginning of March and will be open until April 18, with orientations taking place on April 22 and 24

You can see course scheduling and read the course descriptions here. You can sign up to serve as a course assistant when you register.

Once you have signed up for a course, register for the orientation webinar which will provide more detail on your responsibilities. Click on the date you're available to sign up for the orientation webinar (April 22 | April 24).

Those who sign up to be a course assistant MUST attend:
1. One of the orientation sessions taking place on Tuesday, April 22 or Thursday, April 24 at noon CDT (or you forfeit your spot and we will find another assistant),
2. The entire course day on either Sunday, May 18 or Wednesday, May 21 and complete the tasks as outlined below.

Please Note: This function is available only to registered STLE Student Members. Signup is limited to one assistant per course, one course per student. By signing up as a course assistant you are registered to attend that course for free and will receive a Certificate of Completion and a separate Certificate of Appreciation for your service.  Lunch will be provided.

Your duties will include:
•   Attend the orientation webinar on April 22 or 24 at noon CDT.
•   At the meeting, arrive at 7:00 am the morning of your class. Go to the STLE registration desk to pick up course books and any other materials.
•  Go to your classroom. As attendees arrive: collect tickets, distribute course books and evaluations. If an attendee cannot produce a ticket, direct them to the registration desk to have one printed.
•  Lunch: make sure the presenter right before lunch is running on time, and if not, let STLE staff know as soon as possible. Courses MUST break at noon so all attendees can go get a lunch.
•  Tickets will be used in a prize drawing at the end of class, so please be sure to retrieve all tickets (even if some people come to the course late).
•  At the end of the course, the course chair (or you) will randomly draw one of the tickets.  The winner receives a coupon redeemable for a textbook courtesy of STLE/CRC, at the STLE Membership Booth (or during the course, depending on the day your course is held).
•  Upon course completion, collect evaluations from attendees, folder from course chair, any remaining course books and all tickets and return them to registration desk.

If you have any questions, please contact Kara Sniegowski at ksniegowski@stle.org or at (847) 825-5536. 

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