STLE Staff Directory

Mr. Tom Astrene
Associate Executive Director

Tom is the publisher and editor-in-chief of TLT, the society's monthly technical magazine. He also is responsible for most of the society's marketing efforts and serves as the editorial director of Tribology Transactions, STLE's peer-reviewed journal. In his spare time, he likes to exercise, shoot pool and follow the Chicago sports scene.


Ms. Gina Cairo
Education Programs Assistant

Gina assists in administering STLE’s certification programs as well as the STLE University online programs and can help answer your questions regarding certification  and education programs. In her spare time, Gina enjoys traveling to new destinations, getting crafty, spoiling her cuddly Shih-poo, and spending Sundays cheering on her favorite team, the Green Bay Packers.


Gina Cairo


Mrs. Judy Enblom
Executive Assistant

Judy may be your first point of contact at STLE. She can assist you with questions regarding membership, meeting registration and committee questions.  She assists the Executive Director and Board. In her spare time, Judy and her husband enjoy hiking and recently ascended to Angels Landing in Zion National Park.


Mrs. Rachel Fowler
Associate Editor

Rachel is responsible for the day-to-day scheduling, production and management of content for TLT magazine. She also works with the writers, art director, ad sales manager and printer for the magazine. In her spare time, Rachel enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing tennis, traveling and watching the Chicago Blackhawks and Cubs.

Rachel Fowler


Dr. Robert Gresham
Director of Professional Development

Bob is the technical face of our staff writing for TLT and is the Director of the Education and Certification areas of STLE.  He is heavily involved in a variety of our international activities, and regularly interacts with our members, committees and other professional associations.  In his spare time Bob is an avid horseman and rider.

(317) 513-7095

Mrs. Gen Hedland-Hill
STLE Conference Office

Gen manages both our Annual Meeting and the Fall Research Conference. She and Merle manage everything from speakers presentations, audio-visual needs, organizing technical tracks, venue arrangements, catering and much more. Contact her regarding speaking, presenting or any other meeting specific items.

(630) 428-3400

Mr. Merle Hedland
STLE Conference Office

Merle manages both our Annual Meeting and the Fall Research Conference. He and Gen manage everything from speakers presentations, audio-visual needs, organizing technical tracks, venue arrangements, catering and much more. Contact him regarding speaking, presenting or any other meeting specific items

(630) 428-3400


Mr. Tom Heidrich
Education and Membership Manager

Tom can answer your questions regarding STLE’s professional development, STLE University online programs, and provide you with information about the Education Courses offered at the STLE Annual Meeting.  He specializes in membership services and benefits, and offers much assistance to members over the phone.  In his free time, Tom likes to read, play fantasy football, and follow his favorite team the Chicago Bulls.


Mr. Bruce Murgueitio
Digital Marketing Manager

Bruce is the person in charge of the digital components for STLE. He is the creator of the STLE newsletter, the photographer / videographer for the organization and is in charge of the society’s social media activities. On his spare time, Bruce enjoys spending time with his family, his zoo of animals, and working on various home improvement projects!


Mr. Karl Phipps
Content Development & Strategic Projects Manager

Karl works with writers, artists, advertisers, page designers and digital publishers to create the monthly work of art we call the TLT Magazine. He is also heavily involved in the student and STEM programs.  In his spare time Karl enjoys rooting for his favorite hometown team, the St. Louis Cardinals!


Mr. Edward Salek
Executive Director

As STLE's chief staff executive, Ed works closely with volunteer leadership on all matters related to governance, finance and strategic planning for the organization. He regularly reaches out to STLE members and other key constitutent groups for feedback and to provide updates on association activities. Ed relies on his 4-year-old Yorkshire Terrier Maxx for business advice and the periodic face lick.


Mrs. Myrna Scott-Perez
Director of Operations

Myrna is our Director of Operations. In addition to managing the organization's computer systems, database, website and technical report functions, she is heavily involved in finance and accounting, salary and benefits administration. When not at a computer, she enjoys gardening, cooking and baking from scratch, and dressing her small dogs in funny clothes.


Mrs. Alicia Skulemowski
Certification Programs Manager

Alicia administers STLE's certification programs and is the person to contact for information regarding the certification process and the requirements for renewal. She also works with the STLE Board of Directors and various committees.  In her free time, Alicia is an avid hockey fan who loves to travel, enjoys movies from the 1980's, spending time with her family, and has an affinity for anything vintage.


Mrs. Tracy Nicholas VanEe
National Sales Manager

Tracy manages all of STLE's advertising, booth sales, and meeting sponsorships, as well as being one of our corporate member liasons. Contact her directly with any questions about the corporate membership program and how it can benefit your company. In her spare time, she enjoys time with family, reading, tennis, and following every sporting event played by her all-time favorite team, the Michigan State Spartans.

(630) 922-3459

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