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CMFS Definitions and Requirements


Definition: Certified Metalworking Fluids Specialist

Certified Metalworking Fluids Specialists are those individuals who have met minimum standards of experience, knowledge and written examination requirements as established by the STLE Metalworking Fluids Certification Committee to provide technical consultation in the field of metalworking fluids management.

This is an individual who evaluates and selects the proper metalworking fluids to use, as well as the appropriate fluid control measures. This individual controls inventories, conducts surveys, trains operating personnel, recommends operating parameters and fluid handling equipment, and troubleshoots metalworking fluid applications on the shop floor. Facilitating effective communication between fluid suppliers, end users, peers and other stakeholders is an essential function of a CMFS. This individual will have a basic knowledge of fluid chemistry, machining processes, tooling, filtration, metallurgy and waste treatment.

Requirements for Certified Metalworking Fluids Specialist Certification

Minimum: two-year degree in science, manufacturing technology or business; coursework including general chemistry, biology; minimum 20 hours internal or external training in metalworking fluids applications and management Recommended: four-year degree in science, engineering or business; coursework including chemistry, biology; familiarity with inventory management

For individuals working in a manufacturing environment, such as fluid specialist or fluid manager: 3 years For individuals working in a laboratory environment, such as technical support chemist or research chemist: 5 years

Pass the STLE Certified Metalworking Fluids Specialist examination


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