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CMFS Certification Committee

There are 14 members in this committee:

Full Name Title Company Work Phone Email
Mr. Ted G. McClure Chair Sea-Land Chemical (219) 531-2583 ted.mcclure@sealandchem.com

Dr. Thomas P. Oleksiak Vice Chair The Lubrizol Corporation (440) 347-8054 tom.oleksiak@lubrizol.com

Ms. Karen Maureen Harrington Committee Member Afton Chemical Corporation 708-458-8450 ext 225 karen.harrington@aftonchemical.com

Mr. John M. Hogan Committee Member The Lubrizol Corporation (440) 347-1425 john.hogan@lubrizol.com

Mr. John D. Howcroft Committee Member Nalco Company 248 709 3399 johnhowcroft@comcast.net

Dr. John K. Howell Committee Member GHS Resources Inc. (630) 212-8660 jhowell@ghsresources.com

Mr. Gregory Scott Hutchison Committee Member Phillips 66 Company (918) 977-4410 greg.s.hutchison@p66.com

Mr. Lloyd Jay Lazarus Committee Member (816) 942-8174 ljlazarus@hotmail.com

Mr. Jeffrey A. Mackey Committee Member Afton Chemical Corporation (317) 656-9510 jeff.mackey@aftonchemical.com

Mr. Frank A. Robinson Committee Member Quaker Chemical Corporation (419) 572-0165 robinsof@quakerchem.com

Mr. Aaron A. Sepanski Committee Member Chemetell (262) 658-6416 aaronsepanski@yahoo.com

Mr. John S. Wiley Committee Member QualiChem Incorporated 215-796-2552 wiley635@mac.com

Dr. Robert Gresham STLE Staff STLE Headquarters (317) 513-7095 rgresham@stle.org

Mrs. Alicia Skulemowski STLE Staff STLE Headquarters (847) 825-5536 askulemowski@stle.org

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