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About STLE Certifications

The value of STLE certification has been proven in the market place with increased income and immediate respect and credibility with buyers and peers. STLE offers three certifications, which are valid for three years and then must be renewed. These certifications are designed to be consistent with the standards of The Institute for Credentialing Excellence, ISO 17024, and also distinguish between a credible real professional and a “self-proclaimed” expert.

Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS) is the only independent certification for the lubrication professional that verifies your broad lubrication engineering knowledge. Certification recognizes those individuals who possess current knowledge of lubrication fundamentals and best practices in lubrication maintenance in industrial settings. Certified individuals must have at least three years of experience in the field of lubrication.

Certified Metalworking Fluids Specialist (CMFS) verifies knowledge, experience and education in this specialized and growing field. The certification is intended for individuals with overall responsibility for metal removal or forming fluids management; for specialists with on-site responsibility for metal removal or forming systems, and for others involved with research, instruction, evaluation, analysis, selection, technical management, application and handling of metalworking fluids and related materials.

Certified Oil Monitoring Analyst (OMA) is the certification for the Predictive Maintenance Professional that demonstrates competence in the field of machinery oil monitoring. Oil monitoring in this context consists of sampling and analyzing the oil properties to assess whether the oil needs service and/or to assess the mechanical health of the equipment being monitored. There are two types of OMA certifications. OMA I is for the oil sampler, the individual on the shop floor with responsibility for sampling the oil and the overall care of the equipment. OMA II is for the oil analyzer, the individual in the laboratory responsible for properly running the appropriate tests, data interpretation, program management, and related activities.

Online exam registration is available until two weeks prior to the exam date. 
You must register at least two weeks in advance so that testing materials
will be available for you when you arrive onsite.

Check online calendar for upcoming exam dates 

Certification Exam and Renewal Pricing Member Price Non-member Price
Certification Exam (CLS, OMA I, OMA II or CMFS) $370.00 $490.00
Renewal Fee (3 year) $150.00 $275.00
Retake of Test $185.00 $245.00

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