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Nominate an STLE Fellow

Current List of STLE Fellows

Fellow Membership recognizes long-term Members who have made a significant impact on the field of tribology and lubrication engineering. Any current STLE Member may propose any other STLE Member for Fellow Membership by submitting a completed Proposal for Fellow form to the Society. The Presenter is also responsible for securing five letters of support for the candidate from STLE members, at least two of which must be current Fellows of STLE. STLE Members may not propose themselves for Fellow Membership. The deadline for receipt of completed Proposals is September 30.

Qualifications for Fellow
Fellow Members shall be persons of outstanding personal achievement in the field of lubrication, shall have twenty years of active practice in the science and/or engineering profession, and shall have been a member of the society for 10 years. Recognized outstanding contributions in either management, education, research or technological areas in the tribology field constitute outstanding personal achievement. Service to the STLE does not constitute a principal qualification for elevation to Fellow, although such service may supplement other achievements.
Application available here.

Please download the form to your desktop to save changes. Once you have completed your application, please email the document and all supporting paperwork to Judy Enblom at Jenblom@stle.org or fax to 847-825-1456.

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