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Committees & Councils

Industry Councils
The common objective of the Industry Councils is to study lubrication problems as they apply to a specific industry, such as steel, forest and paper, aerospace, etc. This is done through activities such as: Development of information through encouragement of publications, solicitation of papers, and panel discussions of subjects of interest; Helping individuals, companies, and organizations in locating information; Standing ready to help local sections to obtain speakers or develop programs, and, Development, if needed, of recommended practices or standards.

Technical Committees
Committees target the theory and practice of their particular area of interest. Their main activities include the development of information through the encouragement of publications; the solicitation of papers and panel discussions on subjects of interest to the membership; assisting individuals, companies, other organizations and councils of the Society in locating information; and standing ready to assist local sections, other organizations and councils of the Society in obtaining speakers for developing programs.

Administrative Committees
STLE members serve on a variety of standing and ad hoc committees responsible for governance, finance, membership, publications, technical conferences and other educational activities of the Society.

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