Featured Board Members

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Jerry P. Byers

Robert D. Heverly

Maureen E. Hunter

Martin N. Webster

Michael T. Dugger

James H. Arner

Robert D. Austin

Vasilios Bakolas

Ewa A. Bardasz

Lynn Billings

Greg Croce

Chris DellaCorte

Ali Erdemir

Arup Gangopadhyay

Paul W. Hetherington

Ken Hope

Patrick J. Kilbane

Hong Liang

Ashlie Martini

Jack McKenna

Edward J. Myers

Charles H. Paxton

Kuarlal S. Rampersad

Board Directory

STLE is governed by a 24-member Board of Directors. The President, who serves a one-year term, is the organization’s chief elected officer and the chairman of the Board of Directors.  The Executive Director is a full-time paid employee and is the organization’s chief staff executive.

Top row (from left to right): Ken Hope, Patrick Kilbane, Greg Croce, Charlie Paxton, Paul Hetherington, Kaurlal Rampersad, Jack McKenna, Vasilios Bakolas, Christopher DellaCorte, Ed Myers, Robert Austin, Arup Gangopadhyay, Neil Canter.

Front Row: Jim Arner, Lynn Billings, Edward Salek, Ali Erdemir, Maureen Hunter, Jerry Byers, Robert Heverly, Martin Webster, Ashlie Martini, Ewa Bardasz

There are 28 members in this committee:

Full Name Title Company Work Phone Email
Mr. Robert D. Heverly STLE President Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC (281) 474-7444 rheverly@vanderbiltchemicals.com

Dr. Maureen E. Hunter STLE Vice President King Industries Inc. (203) 866-5551 mhunter@kingindustries.com

Dr. Martin N. Webster Secretary ExxonMobil Research & Engineering (908) 730-3376 martin.n.webster@exxonmobil.com

Dr. Ali Erdemir Treasurer Argonne National Laboratory (630) 252-6571 erdemir@anl.gov

Mr. Jerry P. Byers Past President Cimcool Fluid Technologies (513) 458-8156 jerry_p_byers@cimcool.com

Mr. James Arner Director Pirr Tribology Solutions (647) 529-1352 (cell) arnerjha@gmail.com

Mr. Robert D. Austin Director QualiChem Incorporated (540)-375-6700 Ext. 2015 raustin22354@gmail.com

Dr. Vasilios Bakolas Director Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG 49-9721-912722 vasilios.bakolas@schaeffler.com

Dr. Ewa Alice Bardasz Director (440) 974-1882 dr.ewa.bardasz@gmail.com

Mrs. Lynn M. Billings Director Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc. (A Suncor Energy Business) (905) 804-4530 lbillings@suncor.com

Mr. Patrick Eugene Brutto Director The Dow Chemical Company (847) 808-3766 pebrutto@dow.com

Dr. Neil M. Canter Director Chemical Solutions (215) 659-8206 ncanter@chemsolutions.com

Mr. Greg Croce Director Chevron Products Company 510-242-5565 gcroce@chevron.com

Dr. Christopher DellaCorte Director NASA (216) 433-6056 christopher.dellacorte@nasa.gov

Ms. Karen E. Eisenhauer Director Integrilube (239) 478-4387 keisenhauer65@gmail.com

Dr. Arup Gangopadhyay Director Ford Motor Company (313) 322-6986 arup.gangopadhyay@sbcglobal.net

Mr. Paul W. Hetherington Director Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc. (A Suncor Energy Business) (587) 986-6164 phetherington@suncor.com

Dr. Ken Hope Director Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. (832) 813-4327 hopekd@cpchem.com

Mr. Patrick J. Kilbane Director ALS Tribology (216) 346-6625 patrick.kilbane@alstribology.com

Dr. Ashlie Martini Director University of California Merced (209) 228-2354 amartini@ucmerced.edu

Mr. John Joseph McKenna Director Sea-Land Chemical (440) 871-7887 jack.mckenna@sealandchem.com

Mr. Edward J. Myers Director ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants (804) 560-4027 edward.j.myers@exxonmobil.com

Daniel Nelias Director INSA - LaMCoS 33-4-72-43-84-90 daniel.nelias@insa-lyon.fr

Mr. Charles H. Paxton Director GM Warren Tech Center - Manufacturing B (937) 329-1291 charles.h.paxtoncls@gm.com

Mr. Kuarlal S. Rampersad Director Lake Asphalt Trinidad & Tobago 1 868 683-3259 ramperk@live.com

Mrs. Allison Toms Director GasTOPS Inc. (256) 562-1120 atoms@gastopsusa.com

Mr. Michael Anderson Committee Member Non-Voting Falex Corporation (630) 556-4813 manderson@falex.com

Mr. Edward Salek Executive Director STLE Headquarters (847) 825-5536 esalek@stle.org

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