Awards Program

Each year, STLE honors individuals and organizations that serve the profession by supporting our mission: To advance the science of tribology and the practice of lubrication engineering in order to foster innovation, improve the performance of equipment and products, conserve resources and protect the environment. 

STLE International Award
This is the Society's highest technical honor. It recognizes the recipient's outstanding contributions to tribology, lubrication engineering or allied fields. The Award bestows lifetime honorary membership on the recipient, who need not have been a member of STLE.  
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P.M. Ku Award
The Ku Award was established in 1978 and is given annually to the STLE member who typifies the dedicated spirit and hardworking attitude of the late P.M. Ku, a volunteer leader who worked tirelessly for the benefit of the Society.  
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Awards for Excellence in Technical Publishing

Edmond E. Bisson Award
The Bisson Award honors a former STLE Editor-in-Chief, who was instrumental in establishing STLE’s reputation as a technical publisher. The award is given to STLE members or non- members for the best-written contribution published by the Society in the prior year.  
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Frank P. Bussick Award
Presented for the outstanding published technical paper written on sealing systems, technology and materials. The award is sponsored by the STLE Seals Technical Committee and honors a former committee chair and STLE Board member. STLE Members or Non-Members are eligible.  
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Walter D. Hodson Award
This Award honors one of STLE’s founding fathers. It is given to the lead author of the best paper written by an STLE Member 35 years of age or younger published by the Society in the prior year. The purpose of the award is to stimulate the interest of young engineers in the science of tribology and lubrication and the activities of the STLE.  
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Wilbur Deutsch Memorial Award
Named for a former STLE President, this Award recognizes the outstanding paper written on the practical aspects of lubrication published by the Society during the prior year. STLE Members only.  
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Captain Alfred E. Hunt Memorial Award
This Award is named for the first president of ALCOA. It is given annually to the STLE member or members authoring the best paper dealing with the field of lubrication or an allied field. It is the only STLE Award presented at the Fall International Joint Tribology Conference.   
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Al Sonntag Award
The Sonntag Award was established in 1983 to honor the STLE member or members authoring the best paper on solid lubricants published by the Society during the year preceding the Annual Meeting. It is named for a pioneer leader in the specialized field of solid lubricants.  
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Membership and Section Awards

Vic Joll Award
The Joll Award recognizes outstanding and selfless contributions by a member of an STLE section. Participation in Society-wide activities is not one of the criteria for this award. It honors the late Vic Joll, STLE President in1978-79, who was a champion of local sections.
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Outstanding Section Awards
Outstanding Section Awards are made annually to one large and one small STLE Local Section whose performance during the prior year warrants special recognition. The recipients are determined by the Vice President-at-Large based on recommendations provided by the Regional Vice Presidents and the STLE Headquarters staff. 

The W.K. Stair Membership Award
The W. K. Stair Membership Award recognizes Local Sections that are successful at membership recruiting and retention. It is named for former President W. Ken Stair, who was noted for his efforts to build membership in STLE through Section activities.

Scholarship and Fellowship Awards

E. Richard Booser Scholarship For Undergraduate Students
Description: The purpose of the Richard Booser Scholarship is to encourage undergraduate students to pursue graduate degrees or a career in tribology by providing the opportunity for them to participate in tribology research. The student must be enrolled in an engineering or science curriculum. Apply Now.

E. Elmer Klaus Fellowship For Graduate Students
The purpose of the E. Elmer Klaus Fellowship is to encourage graduate students to pursue graduate degrees or a career in tribology by providing the opportunity for them to participate in tribology research. The student must be enrolled in a graduate engineering or science curriculum and should have completed no more than two years beyond the bachelor degree at the time the research is started.
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