STLE 2018 Extended Abstracts & Presentations

The technical program for the 2018 STLE Annual Meeting in Minneapolis featured more than 500 presentations by researchers, practitioners and students working in the field of tribology and lubrication engineering. STLE has made an effort to encourage authors to submit summaries or "Extended Abstracts" of their papers. In some cases, authors have also provided digital copies of their technical presentation slides. STLE 2018 papers listed below are available to download in the following technical categories. Additional papers will be posted, as they become available from authors that have granted STLE permission to post their materials from the meeting. Please be sure to bookmark this page to download available papers from the 2018 STLE Annual Meeting.

Authors can still submit Extended Abstracts or provide digital copies of their presentation slides to allow attendees to benefit from presentations that they might have missed or were unable to attend the Annual Meeting. For submission requirements, please click here or email materials to Karl Phipps at

(Last updated as of July 23, 2018)

Annual Meeting Discussion Roundtables Session

Discussion Roundtables Wrap Up


Boundary Lubrication and Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS) in Natural Joints
The Effects of Gender, Age Group, Weight and Height on Biomechanical Properties Related to Slipping

Ceramics and Composites

No papers submitted at this time.

Commercial Marketing Forum

BASF PAG-Based Finished Lubricant Solutions for Compressor Applications
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company's Synfluid®Polyalphaolefins (PAOs): Opportunistic Blends
Esters for Engine Oils
Formulating Successes with Diacid 1550®
High Performance Water-Based Rust Preventives Reduce VOC
Introducing a Hydrolytically Stable, Low Toxicity Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluid for Power Stations
SASOL NACOL Ether 6 - Low VOC Cleaning Solvent for Metalworking and Lubricant Applications
Successful Commercialization of an Ester-Functionalized High Viscosity PAO Base Stock

SynergexTM Multifunctional Amine Additives for Metalworking Fluids
Synfluid® mPAOs: Brief Overview and Use in Lithium and Polyurea Greases
Synthetic Esters - Tunable Properties by Choosing the Right Carboxylic Acids

Condition Monitoring

Filterability of Circulation Oil
Use of Imaging Instrumentation to Analyze Antifoam Constituents in Lubricating Oils and Distinguish Them from Contamination and Water

Engine and Drivetrain

Engine Oil Aeration: Lab Simulation and Correlation to Engine Testing
Wear Investigations on Timing Chains Using a Chain Joint Tribometer

Environmentally Friendly Fluids

Performance Evaluation of the MQL Technique in Grinding of a Mould VP Atlas Steel
Product-Specific Requirements (PSR) for Hydraulic Fluids - A New Approach to User-Centric Product Stewardship
Soy-Based Lubricants: Performance and Sustainability
The Compatibility of Multilayer Surface Treatments with Bio-Lubricants Base Oils
Wheel Wear and Workpiece Surface Analyses After Grinding Hardened Steel with Minimum Quality Lubrication Technique Assisted with Wheel Cleaning Jet (MQL-AWCJ)

Fluid Film Bearings

A Low-Flux Polyurethane Restrictor for High-Stiffness Hydrostatic Bearing Over a Wide Range of Loading
Effect of Wear on the Static Performance Characteristics of Non-Recessed Hole Entry Hydrostatic Conical Journal Bearing
Generalized Newtonian Viscosity Functions for Hydrodynamic Lubrication
Numerical and Experimental Study of Active Thrust Fluid-Film Bearings with Fixed Pads

Performance of Hydrostatic Thrust Pad Bearings Operating with Electrically Conducting Lubricant 
Transient Response of a Squeeze Film Damper to Impact Loads: Experiments and Predictions

Fluid Film Bearings & Surface Engineering Joint Session

Performance of Textured 3-Lobe Slot-Entry Hybrid Journal Bearing System Operating with Electro-Rheological (ER) Lubricant 


Influence of Low Circumferential Speeds on the Lubrication Conditions and the Damage Characteristics of Case-Hardened Gears


A Master-Curve for the Shear Degradation of Rolling Bearing Greases
Film Thickness in a Grease Lubricated Ball Bearing
Influence of Surface Texture on Grease Lubrication

Nano Structure Urea Grease: Performance and Application
The Effect of Base Oils on Thickening and Physical Properties of Lubricating Greases

Lubrication Fundamentals

Ammonium Versus Phosphonium Cation-Based Ionic Liquids as Neat Lubricants: Physicochemical, Environmental and Tribological Behavior
Improved Oxidation Stability and Solvency of Naphthenic/Paraffinic Blends - A Parameter Study
Measurement of EHL Contact Temperature for Different Bulk and Coating Materials
Simulation of Rubber Friction: Comparison to Pin-On-Disc Measurement Results

Materials Tribology

Analysis of Transfer Mechanisms of Solid-Lubricated Rolling Bearings 
Crystal Structure of the Interface Formed by Thermosonic Bonding and Its Effect
On the Mechanism of Shoe Versus Walking Surface Friction
Tribological Characteristic Evaluation in a Vacuum of a Coating Film Using 0.5 um Tungsten Disulfide Powder


No papers submitted at this time.


No papers submitted at this time.

Nonferrous Metals

Topographical Characteristics of Twin Roll Cast Aluminum Strip Surface and its Evolution with Rolling

Power Generation

Diesel Fuel Contaminated with Lighter Hydrocarbon Fuel
Early Detection of Cooling System Water Leaks in Gas Engines
New PAG Turbine Oil That Enable Easy Management
Oil and Water Shouldn't Mix: Restoration of Steam Turbine Oil Demulsibility
The Impact of Lubricating Oil Formulations on Filter Element Charging Behavior
Turbine Oil Developments

Rolling Element Bearings

Commissioning of a High-Speed Rolling-Element Bearing Rig: Preliminary Results
Formation of White Etching Cracks (WEC) Under Rolling Loading in a Two-Disc Test Rig and a Kinematic Study on a Full-Scale Bearing
Friction Losses of Cylindrical Roller Bearings Due to Axially Oscillating Shafts
Kinematic Equilibrium Analysis of Rollers in Tapered Roller Bearings
Short-Term Heavy Loads - One Cause for Premature Bearing Failures and White Etching Cracks


Comparison of Performance Test Results to CFD and Structural Models of Non-Contacting Finger Seals
Multi-Scale Simulation of Sliding Friction Process of EPDM Rubber Seals

Seals Technology Review

No papers submitted at this time.

Surface Engineering

Yield Modes in a Coated Sphere Compressed by a Rigid Flat

Synthetics & Hydraulics

Wax-Free Naphthenic Base Oils for High Performance Hydraulic Fluids in Low Temperature Applications

Tribochemistry - Materials Tribology & Nanotribology Joint Session

No papers submitted at this time.


Development of a More Rational Scuffing Test Protocol for Use in a Reciprocating Tribometer
Testing of Wear and Erosion Effects of Nanofluids on Metals: New Instruments and Assessment Methodologies

Using a Translatory Oscillation Tribometer (SRV®) to Screen Gear Oils


Abrasion Resistance of 304L and 316L Stainless Steel Subjected to Deep Cryogenic Treatment
Method to Calculate Wear Volume of Cylinder Liners from Three-Dimensional Surface Profiles - Part I
Wear from Oil-Dilution by Biodiesels: A Tribometer Study on Effects of Biodiesel Methyl-Ester Components

Wind Turbine Tribology

Cost-Effective Management of Wind Turbine Lubricants